Energy Data Consulting

The modern power grids do not consist of only electricity and gas lines, but also the flow of a huge amount of data (Big Data) between the elements of the power grid. Understanding and managing properly these data would help us to have a stabilized power grids and distributed power sources. Especially in the era of renewable energy, when the power generating is getting more and more liberalized,  a robust energy data management system is indispensable.

oranIT GmbH together with a cluster of data experts in the field of smart grids will assist you to find the best solution for energy data aggregation, cleansing and analysis. Specially we help you with the international standards IEC 61850 and Common Information Model (CIM).


For your renewable energy project, we choose and collect the best quality and most optimal equipment from all around the world and ship them to the project site. Therefore, you should not worry about the custom clearance or shipment of the equipment. This service is not limited to the renewable projects. We support you with all industrial automation products upon your request. In addition, together with our partners you benefits the consulting to choose the best optimal and appropriate solutions and products.


TSO and DSO Automation

The oranIT GmbH together with its partner Kalkitech offers different automation solutions for Transmission and Distribution. These solutions consist of hardware and software products like RTU Test Set, Distribution Automation, Substation Automation Systems and control center solution equipped with modern protocols like IEC 61850 and ICCP. Read more.