Finca La Sacristia went Off-Grid

For almost two decades, finca (from Spanish: farm) La Sacristia team and volunteers have worked to recover and nourish deforested areas in the hills of Benaque, Malaga province. What once was a dried out no man’s land, now is 1.3 ha of abundant greenery and developing food forest, serving as an educational centre and showcase of permaculture practices.

The energy transition from conventional sources to renewable ones was on their mind for a while and they opted for covering their electricity needs 100 % themselves. In Andalucia, more than 300 days are sunny and solar energy is the most efficient way of reducing electricity costs and CO2 emissions. Coupled with a wind turbine, such a solar-wind (hybrid) combination provides a reliable and self-sustainable off-grid solution. Finca La Sacristia usually hosts 5-10 people and has annual electricity consumption of 5-6 kWh. 

The 6.1 kWp system consists of 18 photovoltaic solar panels (340W), a 500W wind turbine (will be replaced by a 2kW), a 15.4kWh BYD LVL battery, SMA 6.0H charge controller, SMA Sunny Boy 6.0 inverter, and an inverter for the wind turbine. 

To reach the maximum system capacity, both the equipment quality and positioning of the solar panels are of great importance. After the site visit, we spotted the best place for construction and designed the whole system. The installation, cabling, electrification and the commissioning of the off-grid system was finished within 4 days by certified solar installers.

Every year from now on, La Sacristia is reaping environmental and financial benefits of energy transition:

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