Swift Iran

Monetary Transaction Between EU and Iran Using SWIFT



oranIT GmbH in cooperation with one of the biggest German banks made it possible for its European and Iranian customers (investors, traders and business owners etc.) to transfer money directly between Europe and Iran using the SWIFT system.

Although the international sanctions against the Iran’s nuclear program has been shifted for more than two years through the JACOPA, still the monetary transactions is a serious obstacle for trading with Iran.

Since beginning of April 2018, oranIT GmbH supports its customers for import and export of goods and services between Europe and Iran with the direct money transfer using the standard SWIFT payment systems. This service excludes the trade with the Iranian banks and customers  who are still on the EU sanction list as well as the goods and services which are on European embargo list.

It is also possible for the Iranian importers to open Sight and  Deferred Payment Letter of Credit for a period of 180 days (consumer goods) or 360 days (industrial goods).

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